Piano lessons for any age and any grade led by internationally recognized concert pianist and teacher Natalia Turkovskaya (Barabanova) IOM FABI.

        She has qualifications of Concert Performer, Soloist of Chamber Ensemble, Teacher, Concertmaster.

       Natalia has developed her own method of teaching piano which is based on the rich traditions of the celebrated Russian School of Music. This method is based on the development of the individuality of the student, the realisation of potential through musicality and creativity, together with the development of technique and memory.

        Her unique method of teaching creates an atmosphere which is conducive to the acquiring of difficult musical concepts quickly and easily. It was evolved over a lifetime of embracing the best traditions of the great Russian School of Music, which was founded in the last century by Genrich Neigaus, Professor of Moscow Conservatory. Natalia has pursued world-wide trends in musical pedagogy, including the Suzuki method, based on the traditions of European and Japanese culture.

        Natalia's lessons are spontaneous, joyous and enlightening. They are a partnership between teacher and student sharing the best music has to offer.

        She invites children and adults into her studio to discover for themselves the joy of music, which will become their best friend for life.

         Many of Natalia's students have won Eisteddfod contests, WA Piano Competitions and have been successful in AMEB (up to grade 8), TEE Music Exams and AMUS.

        "Each individual is an unexplored universe ready to absorb the best already existing. An uncreative environment hinders the development of potential. Each child contains the seed of talent, needing nurturing care to flourish."